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Sketch Pencils

Sketch Pencils


Every artists needs a good pencil for sketching. An assortment of pencils with various hardnesses will help produce drawings with a range of value (darks and lights). Staedtler Lumograph pencils are a great, quality choice for any sketcher.


Did you know that pencils come in different levels of hardness? The harder it is, the lighter the line. Softer pencil = darker line because more of the pigment is coming off of the pencil and onto the paper. 

  • This item may be picked up from the studio in Renton (no Bainbridge Island delivery). If you’d like this option, please include a note with your order or email us to arrange. Otherwise, all items will ship directly to you.

  • Please note that some items may ship separately, but you will only have one shipping charge based on your total order. Thank you for your understanding!

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