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Kneaded Erasers

Kneaded Erasers


Kneaded erasers are a great tool because they erase cleanly without leaving bits behind and they can be sculpted into just the right shape for whatever you need to erase. (Fun fact: they're also fun to play with!) To clean a kneaded eraser, just smoosh it together until the darkness is spread throughout the eraser. It's time to replace a kneaded eraser when it is no longer possible to knead either because it is completely hard or everything is pretty much black. You might be surprised at how long that takes.

  • This item may be picked up from the studio in Renton (no Bainbridge Island delivery). If you’d like this option, please include a note with your order or email us to arrange. Otherwise, all items will ship directly to you.

  • Please note that some items may ship separately, but you will only have one shipping charge based on your total order. Thank you for your understanding!

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