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Searching For Ourselves

Sometimes when we're struggling, we don't have the words to describe exactly what's going on. Sometimes just answering the question, "How are you today?" requires too complex of an answer. Sometimes we just feel... lost.

We all go through periods of doubting ourselves, our place in this world, or our own identities - how we define ourselves and how we think other people see us. I've had that struggle and still do have times where I question what's going on in my life. I began using art as a tool to help me examine some of the thoughts I was having and working through those narratives that I was struggling against. It didn't matter how great the art was or if it made sense to anyone but me; it just mattered that I finally had a way to look at things in a way that I could manipulate and that didn't require words.

This form of using art is a very therapeutic process and one about which I am very passionate. We all struggle. We all question where we are now versus where/who we want to be. There are times in life where we may be more affected by these questions than at other times (adolescence, new to parenthood, moving to a new place, facing changes in family structure, and middle-age/older-age are just a few that come to mind). During these times it is important to pause and reflect on what's going on, as well as to do some self-care in general. Make time for yourself the priority. Take the time to listen within yourself. Connect with other people who can support you. Above all, keep breathing. This too shall pass, and when it does, you'll be all the stronger because of it.

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